Sunday, May 11, 2008

Books and articles galore

On everything under the sun

Ever more of us on the planet

Ever more of us writing

More of us hustling

More and more book titles every month

Often more confusion and junk


Simply stated there is only so much genuine talent

So much genuine knowledge

So many possible insights or genuine advances

The number of titles on any given subject is far greater than the available talent

Beware the hype on the dust jacket

Beware the gushing praise

Check out who knows what in the area you are reading

And that does not mean the hype on the dust jacket

The extravagant claims frequently hide the reviewers own ignorance

Take the time to check out the author's background

So many titles available

So little genuine knowledge

And that's just non fiction

In the field of fiction so often authors having found a storyline then repeat it over and over with slight modification year after year

Formula writing

Magazines too find a formula and churn out the same things week after week

Same same same and do we notice?

Do people buy to learn or reaffirm?

Do you read to learn or reaffirm your points of view?

Do you read much at all?

We watch lots of TV although many are getting bored with the endless violence and poor choice

So people are spending more time on line

Moving away from control over what they watch

With reading it should be the same, move away from what you already know

Move away from the breathless hype

The popular choice

Move into areas new to you

Make time for reading things that advance your knowledge of the truth

Many of the things mainstream society believe to be true are not

The true story of where we came from for example is far more exciting than any Hollywood fantasy

Reading is also relaxing taking our minds into other realms

Taking our minds off our worries

Opening them to ideas

Learning should be a life long journey

Many lives are just repetitions of things learnt while young

Is yours?

Reading is often the easiest way to access new knowledge

Inform yourself about where to find the truth of things important to you

Enjoy finding out what others have to say.

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