Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Joker

The joker In the pack is our emotions

When without warning everything feels terrible

Nothing seems worth doing

Life is heavy and unpleasant again

Negative thought on negative thought

You might not believe it but those negative thoughts can be tamed

Banished every time they appear

Those feelings of uselessness and severe depression can be brought under control

Follow this

In the sixties many people were doing acid, LSD and everything else they could lay their hands on

Then the word began to get around about bad trips

Not realised was that the bad trips were usually a function of the person's fears

Funnily enough even today we do not understanding that if you have fear then indeed a bad trip can well come your way

Not as a result of drugs but simply because the fear will manifest as anger or depression when something triggers them

If you have guilt, suffer from stress, harbour dishonest or negative thoughts then many things can act as the trigger

What we call emotions are often triggered by our fears

If you have fear then negative experiences are more likely

What is in your mind in the box labelled negative

Things undealt with are going to spring loose

It is only a question of time

Not if just when

So to lessen your bad times get rid of your fears

Which leads us to your memories

Your stored worries

Your unresolved issues

Fear of or memory of bad experiences

They can be removed

If they are not removed then believe more negative experiences are coming your way

More downer negative days

So removing those stored memories is necessary for a more pleasant life

This is not easy as we like to hide our fears, deep deep inside where we won't stumble over them

As with physical pain we avoid those things that might hurt us so with our emotions we avoid those areas where we might get hurt

So when someone touches or gets close to this area off we go denying and hiding those that we have fear of

To remove this source of violence or fear means addressing the memory that triggers them.

As a first step locate those easy ones, often things that you have been putting off

The less serious ones

It is tension that triggers negative thoughts and actions

So make it your job to take things less seriously

The more pressure you remove from your life the less likely the explosions

Learn to see that life need not be so serious

We make it serious

We ourselves create our world

We imagine our negative futures

Imagine instead positive scenarios

Pay more attention to having fun in your own life

Relax more

As you get more relaxed so it is easier to approach your fears, to find the causes of things

If you do these things then the joker will appear less often in your life

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