Friday, May 09, 2008

Little worries

Like eating too much

Feeling overweight

Too much sun

Not enough sleep

Working to much, no time for anything else

Or just plain worrying about something all the time

Not big worries but there is always something that we worry about

Over time worrying really affects us

It negatively affects our immune system

It certainly damages our physical health

Our sense of humor goes missing

Our balance and objectivity is impaired

Our ability to enjoy life suffers

A long list to be sure

We are not stupid so how come we let this go on?

Seldom do we consider that the act of constantly worrying about things all the time is avoidable

Worrying seldom brings solutions

Things we worry about seldom turn out as we imagine

So why do we do it?



Lack of thought about what it does to us

So take time to talk to yourself, yes sometimes we need to do this

Get your own attention for a minute

And agree that as worrying is not helpful and is certainly detrimental to our well being we choose to stop it

Next decide to notice how much you worry and yes you need to do that too otherwise you will just plow on with worrying about this and that

Decide that every time you catch yourself worrying you will move your focus of attention onto something in your life at this moment now

In other words stay in this moment now and stop projecting what ifs

If you can become more and more conscious about how much you worry this is a good starting point

Becoming able to move your attention and focus from worrying to things in the here and now will over time help to relax you

The more you can chill, relax the better your state of mind

It is only the start of the long journey to find peace of mind

A phrase used so casually and so little thought about

Peace of mind is what we are all searching for because it offers total protection

Protection from the ups and downs of life

The ability to handle all that life sends our way with equanimity

Start looking consciously for yours today

Peace of mind is the best known protection from the harmful and negative challenges of life

Worrying is the best known way to cancer and ill health

Let your little worries go they are cumulative and dangerous

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