Thursday, May 08, 2008


Warm weather arrives and thousands more cyclists take to the road

More and more every year

Cycling brings so much

Different perspectives on life

Different perspectives on your town or city

Good exercise

For work and leisure

Freedom from standing around waiting for buses, subway cars and the rest

Pleasure of riding when and how you want

Can cover quite a distance in a short time

Changes your psychology

And you do you cycle?

Skateboarding and roller blading might be a bit extreme

But cycling?

From road bikes to mountain bikes and other types in between there are so many choices today

Many have disc brakes, good gears, and modern suspension

Ranging from cheap to mega expensive

In many places you can hire them

Pick them up at one point and leave them at another

In Paris hiring is all the rage while in Denmark and the Netherlands most have cycles

And you?

Why not change your life and habits this summer?

Cycling is such a change

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