Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We get out of bed

Do you stretch before getting out of bed?

Just a thought because it is a good idea and helpful for our systems

Do you wake up naturally or do you use an alarm?

If naturally then do you find thoughts coming into your head as you wake or do you take a while before thoughts come you way?

Do noises disturb you or do you sleep right through noises in the early mornings?

When you get out of bed do you have a fixed routine?

So many different ways to handle a simple yet important part of the day

If you are under stress then you can well wake up feeling tired

With a negative feeling about the coming day

If you have something nice in front of you then a totally different feeling

Sometimes you can't even sleep for the excitement

Or if traveling a nervousness about being late wakes us differently

As with most things in our life by themselves they might not seem important, however collectively all our little things add up to how we experience our lives

Getting out of bed starts us off every day

Consequently how we do it can shape our day

Try to start each day with pleasure at the idea of the day

Whatever it might bring is unknown to us when we get out of bed so better to treat it with pleased anticipation

This even if we are not looking forward to something because seldom do things work out as we imagine and having a more positive attitude might help change what comes our way

How it turns out is unknown but whether it is going to be good or bad it still makes sense to approach it positively

Taking the time once we are out of bed to meditate is not many peoples idea of how to start the day however if you do this even for five minutes you will find it makes a difference


Because it calms us down, settles our minds and puts them in a softer mode

Better still is to think about the coming day before going to sleep so that you know what has to be done and when

When we wake we have no pressure we know what we are doing

We do not start the day in a panic worrying and stressing about what has to be done

We get out of bed so many times in our lives that we hardly notice how we do so

Try being conscious as to how you start the day

Does it help or hinder you?

Review your daily start to the day and make it the first pleasure of the day

Not some mountain to climb full of worry and pressure

You get out of bed everyday

Do it better i

Improve your start to the day


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