Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Is something we sometimes read about

Placebo is a substance or procedure which a patient accepts as a medicine or therapy but which has no specific therapeutic activity for the condition.

Any effect is thought to be based on the power of

In it's common form we come across it in descriptions of medical procedures

A pill of chalk or some other innocuous substance

Through research we now know that the placebo effect is often huge

Particularly when suggested by an authority figure

A placebo can offer up to 35% of the efficacy of any treatment

Over one third of the cure can be in suggestion - a placebo

Less considered are how we are constantly manipulated in other areas

In sense a placebo effect

If we look we can see the placebo effect in marketing, in PR, politics and of course in

Most of us have bought things because of the idea that somehow a brand is better than a non brand

That a celebrity uses a certain product therefore so should we

That using brand x toothpaste is best because doctors use it, recommend it

A new car is better than an old one

That our sexual desires will be met if we smoke a particular cigarette, drink a certain spirit

That if we vote for party x we will be given heaven on earth

Is there an area today where manipulation and suggestion are not used?


How many of your decisions are made through laziness?

How many are made because others make the same choice?

How many are made because you feel it will enhance your image?

Take time to consider why you are buying a particular product

Or voting for Fred

Or following a recommended procedure and swallowing particular pills

Too often we surrender our choices to others who manipulate us for profit or power motives

Review your decisions and inform yourself of the real merits of suggested choices

Leave the placebos to others

Live life with less illusion.

See suggestion for what it is manipulation and subtle pressure and sometimes not so subtle at that.

Understand when you are being offered a placebo

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