Monday, May 19, 2008

Lots of evil

Long before Christianity people understood and knew that evil was around them

They did not think of or understand the idea of a devil because before Christianity there was no devil, the devil being an invention of the Christian church

Evil though does not exist in nature

There are two forces in nature one of creation and the other of destruction

Both are needed and cannot exist without each other

Without destruction there is no possibility for creation, the destruction being a condition for the renewal of life

Creation follows destruction as night follows day, the two being part of the whole

Evil only came many many millions of years ago when human beings developed the power of mind

Mind was the major evolutionary step where man saw himself as separate and distinct from his fellow men

In our history as man began to use his mind for selfish and egotistical reasons so began the increase in evil

This started the growth of evil on this planet

Evil has grown as man has become more selfish

Evil though is a necessary stage in mankind's evolutionary journey

A stage where he can develop conscience

A conscience of morality and ethics

Of right and wrong

Evil shows man more and more clearly that he is responsible for his behavior

What he needs to do and how he should behave

Without evil would man learn these lessons?

Would we as individuals?

For the temptation to selfishness and evil are inside us all

And this fight is really the fight described in all the world's major religions

A fight that if we lose then humanity loses

If humanity loses then humanity goes

And at this time evil and greed are kings on this planet

Will we learn in time?

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Anonymous said...

are you writing a book yet! I think it is time!