Saturday, May 17, 2008

The fight

Is between spirit and matter

Between light and goodness

Darkness and evil

It began on our globe with the first appearance of contrasts and opposites in vegetable and animal nature, and continued more fiercely than ever after man had become the selfish and personal being he now is

Nor is there any chance of it's coming to an end before falsehood and lies are replaced by truth

Selfishness by altruism, and supreme justice reigns in the heart of man

It is selfishness, especially; the love of self above all things in heaven and earth, helped by human vanity which produces mortal sin

Man has to become acquainted with, and gain the mastery over, every nook and corner of his heterogeneous nature, before he can learn to discriminate between himself and his personality

To accomplish this difficult task two conditions are absolutely requisite

Good thoughts, good words, good deeds

And two one must crush the personality beyond resurrection


Old sounding words perhaps however they say how it must be

Can you see why this applies to you?

Can you see how selfishness is at the core of your experience of life?

Selfishness gets in the way of solving so many things

Take time to see yours

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