Friday, May 16, 2008

They just drifted away

My friends

I thought they were forever

Then one by one for different reasons they melted away

Some moved away

Some fell out

And my partner did not like others

Over time we had nothing left in common with each other

And so we came down to the last one or two

And what have I learnt from this?

That nothing lasts for ever even in my short life

I am the centre of my life and others just come and go

What is really important is that I be true to myself

That I am honest with myself

It is really nice to have one or two friends

In reality that is all that anyone has one or two real friends

Humans who you can talk with about anything

Who know you through good and bad

Who will be there for you in times of need

Does not matter if you are rich or poor one or two real friends is all most of us really have

Give pause though and consider if you only have one or two friends and that they are getting on with their lives and you with yours

Then learn to be polite and nice to those around you because they are the ones who you see every day

They are the humans who are in your life day to day

So if they are in your life respect them

Give them presents

Presents of your good energy, a smile, a word, your attention

Give out love

Giving out love or light is a good feeling that you can help make their day more pleasant for no other reason than you feel to do this

The more we give out the more life teaches us that this is the way it should be caring for each other

And when we care and pay attention to others then life looks after us too

Selflessness is truly the way to grow

And as we grow so our values and energy changes in positive ways

Ways that show us how satisfying it is to help others

How this brings a greater taste to our lives

As a bonus it makes us feel better

So even if your day in mundane and filled with the usual stuff you can come to the end of it and know that you did your best

That you contributed to someones life

Your friends will always be there

The people you mix with day to day they are in your life too

Respect and honor them as you would have them do to you

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