Sunday, May 25, 2008

Just money

And once you’ve got it

Now what?

Of course it is never enough you must have more

So sit with others like yourself

And preen

The fight to get it, those long hours, all that scheming

The compromises all those deals

The questionable behavior

Result in yet another driven person

Empty inside

Few feelings, they went long ago

Just buying

Is it life they buy or just things?

Or is it just a temporary respite from the loneliness inside?

What a sad con believing that the things you buy is the real game of life

Only when you have all the toys is this clear

But then this cannot be admitted, all those wasted years

What a shame but it is never too late to find the truth

This would indeed be unusual but then it can be done

Sadly not many will

Most will just keep busy running around until it is time to go

Look around you and see who has life satisfaction

Not the ones who keep taking, surprise surprise it's the ones who give

A life spent taking and you lose

A life spent giving and you can find peace of mind

Selfish or selfless, taking or giving we must all choose our own way

Choose wisely

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