Monday, May 26, 2008


Must be your move of choice if you wish to help

Help is probably the wrong word contribution would be more apt

Or even accept your own personal responsibility to act

We are all in this mess together all of us rich and poor mean and generous

The mess our planet is in is what we are talking about

Sorting this mess out is no longer a spectator sport

We are all involved we all created this mess over many lives

The childish idea that we could endlessly take and abuse without putting back and conserving is now haunting us

Whether it is too little too late does not matter

What matters is that each of us decides to change first right now without waiting to be told by any so called authority

Now is our time to act on a personal level as well as a global level

Gross consumption will no longer do

Showing off by buying endless things is out

We are in difficult times possibly terminal where each and every one of us must make our own choice to behave in a more intelligent manner

It is no use watching TV and saying "they" should do this or that

There is no they

Only us

To get this world changed and give our selves a fighting chance needs each and every one of us to change

Change our lives from more of everything to less of everything

This means frugality

Frugality does not mean poverty

It means cutting back

It means making sure you consume less

That through your own behavior you influence those around you

This is how we change our world

Start today please

Choose frugality for life please

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