Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Parasitical mothers

Do you have one?

Mothers who decide to live their lives through their children

Trying to realize their own ambitions through their children

Using their children as personal slaves

Demanding attention

Demanding service

Often mothers say they dedicated their lives to helping their children

That they sacrificed their lives for their children

Up until the time their children leave home this might be true

After this time it is not true

Parasitical mothers will not let their adult children go

Intruding and controlling every aspect of their adult children's lives

Phoning every day checking what they are doing

Demanding service and attention from their adult children

Some adopt the poor me sick person approach demanding constant attention from the adult child

Controlling every facet of their lives

Interfering in everything they try to do

Never letting them free

Sadly many adult children do not even see what is going on

Don't you say bad things about my mother

She sacrificed her life to give me what I have

Many actually believe this self serving PR from their mothers

If you choose to give time to your mother fine

If you do not and resent her interference in your life then change it

Be firm and clear and if necessary cut communications with her

Do not ruin your life because of her selfishness

Parasitical mothers will not let go so it is up to you to break this unhealthy relationship

Only you can do this

Wake to your own life

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