Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just let go

When you want to find a way to grow vertically

To increase your consciousness

To evolve spiritually

Let go of what though?

Not an easy thing to understand particularly if we are new to this arena

If our life has been one of so called normal actions

Normal material life in the Western value system

Makes it not so easy to withdraw enough to see where we are

The starting point is usually that we do not understand or see how much tension we operate under

Most of us are stressed, it goes with being a modern human

So letting go means learning how to relax

Learning to slow the mind down

Learning to relax the body

And yes modern humans need to learn these things

Learning to just be without the need to think of or do anything is a novel concept for many

For most this is not the way to relax

Rather they take a joint, a line, a drink anything that will do it for them

Others a coffee, a dvd, film, tv, a book again anything that will do it for them

Maybe sex, an argument, endless telephone conversations anything to take us away

Away from what?


The idea of being quiet with ourselves is alien to many

Being alone even is a horrendous proposition for many

So one of the first steps in evolving consciousness is seeing how much we keep busy while calling it relaxation

Next is to let go

Right where we started from letting go is about slowing the mind and the body

Sounds simple

Can you even go five seconds without thinking?


Try it

Now see how letting go is important because if your system is constantly working then for sure you are not relaxing even if you like to call it that

Just letting go is not so easy but it is a starting point

A starting point on the long journey to higher consciousness

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