Thursday, May 29, 2008


Not in elections although you might well do that too

No we mean everyday

Everyday when you buy something you are voting

Every time you buy something you are voting

You are saying I approve of this product

I like the way it is made

I support it

Through more selective choices you can improve and strengthen the messages you send out

We are all sending out powerful messages

Take more time with your choices

Make sure they send the right message

Support only those purchases that endorse your views

Do not vote for companies or organizations that abuse and misuse

Voting for your choices does make a difference

Become more thoughtful and conscious of what you support


Chuweet Babu said...


Your thought and your collection is amazing!

I am searching these type of thoughts for long time!

Simply Superp!

Hereafter I am your fan!!!!!

Antony said...

Why thank you. lets just see where it takes me.............

Chuweet Babu said...

Ya! Sure!

You are a great Thinker!!!!