Friday, May 30, 2008

How hard it can be

To find beauty in a life of stress

A life where there is not enough money

Paying the bills is a never ending fight

Little time to do anything other than work and chores

Just rushing from one end of the day to the other

Yes it is tough

Then add a little illness or pain and it feels too much

And yes in a way it is

Looking around others seem to have an easier life

And yes maybe they do

You have heard it before maybe

Hear it again

The only way out is inside you

Maybe you cannot change the things in your life today

Yes maybe you can find a way tomorrow if you are determined and strong

But the way today is inside you

To see and experience things differently

To know that nature only asks that we do our best each day

Being the best you can in all that comes your way each day

And changing your feeling of frustration to one of peace inside accepting that this is how it is

You will find a way to change things around over time and that for now this is how it is

Be the best you can in every detail

Smiling inside to know that it doesn't matter

Everything has a beginning, middle and end

Maybe this life is very hard for you

So be it

The truth be known it is for all of us one way or another

Keep going life can surprise us even while we pay our karma

Find pleasure in what you have and not in what you don't have.

Yes it is as it is and it is only you who can change this

It's how you perceive things

Our perceptions are all

Change them and your life changes

Make these changes today because tomorrow never comes!

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