Saturday, May 31, 2008

Make a difference

We all can once we understand reality

So often our perceptions get in the way

Feeling that only certain people can make a difference

That we are not special enough

We think we should do this or that or be like this or that because others are

We feel dis-empowered because we are not famous or rich or important

We let these and other thoughts dominate our perceptions of our value, our worth

Time to stop doing this

You are letting your life slip away

It is a silly dis-empowering game

Not all of us are going to be celebrities, rich or famous

Nor would most sane people want to be

Nature does however expect us to do our best every day

Yes every day

And only this

So every day decide to be the best you can in whatever comes your way

And if you have aspirations to change the world then as all the wise men say start with yourself


Because only by getting your head clear about yourself can you then move on to making your contribution to changing the world

And yes you can

It is up to you

Do you have the courage and discipline though?

Because that is what changing ourselves requires

Lots of hard work

Then and only then will other things become clear to you

Things that allow you to see how and where you can make your contribution

Your heart becoming open to others

And your actions fitting your talents

So stop the self pity and get started

This life is so short don't waste time being frightened of shadows

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