Sunday, June 01, 2008


Is something we all need from time to time

How we define this is something else

What do you consider exciting and unusual?

It is of course all relative

Relative to our view of life

To some jumping out of an aeroplane might be spice

To another a roller coaster ride might do it

Going go karting or skiing maybe

For many though nothing so exciting

Just a night out

Wearing more risque clothes

Not going home so early

We have said it before so many are locked in perceptions

Perceptions that limit us

Perceptions that lock us into small unadventurous lives

Try doing something more powerful something totally different

Go on line and book a plane ticket for the weekend to somewhere you have never been

Doing different things is good for us it takes us out of our comfort zones

It makes us more aware, being in new environments is challenging

It wakes us up, shakes us out of our routines

In fact we should all do different things at least once every two months

Why two months?

Solely to get us to see that doing something spicy should not be a once in a lifetime experience but rather something we do several times a year

And if you are in a relationship where you feel this is impossible then time to look at your life

And if you are the one stopping any adventure then what is your game?

Arriving at old age having done nothing is not so smart

Live life!

Don't say you have not been warned.

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