Monday, June 02, 2008

Honesty is not a luxury

As some people like to think

And little lies are still lies

There are few people who have not told lies from time to time

As children most of us have lied

We are then told not to lie

Unfortunately today children see many people lying

Lying in public without batting an eyelid
Lying has become almost acceptable in some places

So why is honesty not a luxury?

For this reason dishonesty permeates your system

The outside world might not see your lies

Your system does

And if you are dishonest then that system cannot work as well

In simple language it gets clogged up

Over time pressure builds and has a negative affect on the system, which will either malfunction or breakdown

Being dishonest is also more tiring as you have to remember your lies
Lies told throughout your life

You can never relax or trust friends completely as they might notice your lies

You also choose to perceive that others are dishonest as this allows you to feel better about yourself

Dishonesty might appear to give short term benefits but this is all they are

And once you start down the road of dishonesty it gets harder and harder to back out

It becomes a habit

If you have gone down this road then change it saves so much stress

You cannot find peace of mind when you are dishonest

Honesty is not a luxury
It is a better life strategy

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