Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Myself, do I?

Do I like others?

Do you change your mind?

Are you moody?

No matter, liking or disliking is about what pushes our buttons

Good and bad

The game is to increase what we like and lessen what we do not like

Take five things you do not like

Are they the same as five years ago?

Turn them round and try saying I like, this might sound silly but try it

What does this show you?

Practice this exercise and start to notice how many dislikes are no longer so important to you

Let them go, make them likes

Having more likes than dislikes is surely easier on yourself

We can loose so much energy disliking things

Make your dislikes likes.

Consciously liking things in life moves our energy into a more positive state

Moving our energy into a more positive state is good for our health

Our immune systems improve the less stress we put upon them

Liking more things in life and disliking less is a positive move

Noticing something we do every day consciously is helpful to our wellbeing


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