Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Self respect

Is something we have or we don't

Something that is with us for life

Something that defines how we are

How is yours?

Do you respect yourself?

Do you stand up to your darker side?

Do you acknowledge that you have one?

A side that comes out and undoes those nice things you do.

If you cannot respect yourself then do not expect others to

Most humans can feel and sense dishonest people

If you do not respect yourself your hiding or blustering can be felt

It is not comfortable to live a lie

Many do

Tough for them nature and karma will find them out over time

How do you feel about yourself?

If like most there is work to be done then get on with it

So many people live life like it is some sort of dress rehearsal for a magical later time when they will finally get around to all those things they always meant to do

Never happens, well seldom and usually because nature intervenes and says enough

By slowing you down through some life changing situation nature can demand your attention

And for some even this is not enough, sorry silly people nature always wins

Nature tests all of us and it is how we face these challenges that counts, not necessarily the outcome

For healthy self respect be honest with yourself

Test your integrity rid yourself of self serving illusions

Perceptions based on unreal and false assumptions

Base your self respect on what you have earned through your endeavors

Face your fears and yes you have some

At the end of it all only our vertical growth counts for anything

Vertical growth means spiritual growth

Not burning incense with a silly smile wearing funny clothes

Rather the nice things you do unasked for by others

The growth of compassion in your heart

The thoughts and actions you give to the wishes and well being of others

Through this we gain self respect

By being nicer human beings our self respect grows to the point where we truly like ourselves

Self respect.

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