Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Did things go wrong?

I got through all the interviews

It was all agreed

All tied up

Then suddenly without warning I didn't get it


Horror, disbelief, rage, anger, violent thoughts

Many or all of these go through our minds

Immediate thoughts of how to change it around

Slow realization that it is final

No way to change anything it's gone

All those ideas of a brave new job gone

And all that time and effort I invested

No payment for any of the time I spent

I could have been looking for other jobs

Wasted time

Or was it?

Every interview process is a learning process

Every time we walk into uncharted waters we learn

True all true however the major lesson is this

You were lucky to learn that it would not work out early in the game before you had invested even more of your time

Lucky not to get the job because for whatever reason given it was not for you

And who knows what would have happened had you been taken on?

Adopt a philosophy that accepts rejection with a smile understanding that it was not for you

Learn to keep things at arms length emotionally

Let go of your ego

See that it does not matter, other things can now come your way, be open to new ideas and possibilities

One day at a time

Pick yourself up and be extra busy push thoughts of the rejection out of your mind

It's gone


Move on

Let time pass and later, much much later, you might understand why it did not happen


Anonymous said...

Now how come I just feel the same? :-) And you forgot to place a blog for yesterday!

Antony said...

Not true, look again date follows date.....................