Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Being successful

Staying in five star hotels is important to me

And I want everything to be first class

I don't like cheap places

Luxury is important as a measure of my success


Excellent comments and they should warm the hearts of luxury product and establishment owners to know that there are people like that around

People who obsess about expensive places and things

Lives devoted to the consumption of expensive products and services

Not sure that this is any hallmark of being successful though

Consumption is not necessarily any indicator of being successful

What is success?

How do we measure success then?

By consumption?

By having more possessions, money than others?

By what?

Some of the saddest people on the planet have more of everything than others

Some of the most screwed up people are also famous

So what is success?

In business it is clear and easy to measure, the scorecard is simplistic it is money

In real life a little more complex

Devoting one's life to making money can be such a sad waste of time and energy, do we really think this a useful or interesting way to spend the hours of one's life

Politics is another where becoming the leader or Prime Minister is considered the ultimate success

Really kissing backsides, bowing to innumerable pressures from different groups, hours and hours spent listening to others talking attending endless meetings

Successful, hardly

How about doctors then they help people don't they?

Some do but most today are hedged around by regulations and paperwork.
Many wanting to make money or become famous

Some afraid to deviate from proscribed procedures and approaches, corrupted by governments and drug companies alike

Others certainly are successful and usually known for what?

Their compassion, attention and caring

Scientists then, it used to be that they discovered something, while today it is often a fight for funding, recognition and fame not to mention the politics of science

Real success is not so easy to pin down as opposed to public acclaim given to those who acquire, money or power often achieved as the result of less than admirable behaviour

So maybe true success is not about money, power or fame

Maybe it's about more subtle things

Maybe it doesn't matter what we do

What matters is how we do it

Because true success is having good relations with people....................all people

Having no enemies, because you never speak ill of others

Being trusted because you are honest

Having no real money problems not because you have lots of money but because you live modestly within your means

Success is being in harmony with yourself and nature

True success is being love, having no fears, finding peace of mind

Success is always having time for others

So maybe true success is not about winning, not about public acclaim

And if this resonates with you then become successful yourself

Success is not what the money world proclaims

Success is about being human

A good human at that

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