Thursday, June 12, 2008

Can you imagine.........

The unthinkable

That in your country you have suddenly only enough food for nine more meals

In Spain a sudden unexpected strike by truck drivers produced this situation

How it will turn out is at the time of writing unknown

Most modern people in the Western world have no experience of situations like this

Suddenly panic buying and all the Supermarkets are empty

The petrol stations have no more petrol

Shops are empty and shut

Banks shut too and the ATMS don't work

Life as you have known it finishes

What would you do?

What steps would you take?

Do you even know what to buy, before everything is gone?
Learn now
Time to become aware because this situation can happen more often over the coming period
Basic foods such as rice, pasta, sugar, and salt are long lasting and essential
Matches because if there is no electricity suddenly matches have importance
Batteries run down and are not easy to find

And if you have to move without roads or public transport what would you carry with you?

Might seem funny to some however those of us who have been there know how fast things can change when they go

So times are a changing

The unthinkable can happen

Throughout history it always has

Can you imagine?

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