Friday, June 13, 2008

Feeling safe

Is what guides many of us in making our decisions

What allows us to feel safe?

In normal circumstances it is easy we are comfortable and familiar with our world

Proven precedence guides our choices

We know what works and what does not

We are guided by common knowledge and other people's experiences

Rules tell us what we can do and what we cannot

Thousands of rules for everything in fact

Never have there been so many rules, regulations and controls

Covering every aspect of our lives

From drinking, to smoking, to driving, to thinking

Yes even or particularly our thinking where governments tell us what is right and wrong good and bad

And yet we still feel stress and nervousness

How can this be in this best of all possible worlds?


Much of it is bullshit and we all know this

Because if they did know what they were saying and doing things would have to work better

And they don't

So insecurity increases

Could it be that this is also part of the game?

Why yes if you keep people nervous then they are not thinking so much about what you are doing

Governments throughout history have pointed fingers at wicked enemies outside the gates in order to divert attention

Russia today is a case in point

Nowdays we are more aware and can choose not to play

Indeed opting out of the fear game is good for your health

Very good

The times we are entering will be more fraught more dangerous

We all sense this

Like the first slight breeze on the wind heralding an approaching storm

Our world is moving into different and by definition more dangerous times

Feeling safe in such times can only be achieved by self mastery

Mastery of your emotions

Learning to control your thoughts

Approach this desirable state by avoiding unnecessary bad news

Cut out reading, watching and paying attention to bad news

You don't have to worry about missing things, when bad things happen someone will tell you

Do not watch violent films or violent shows on TV

Become a conscious fan of the beauty of nature

Spend more time in nature

Do not dwell on what has passed, it's gone

Do not dwell on the future, it will not be as you imagine

Keep your thoughts in this moment now

LIfe will not be as you think it will be so focus on enjoying life now

Push worrying out of it.

More detailed ideas on feeling safe take time but start with the idea that feeling safe is a function of where you go in your mind

And where you go in your mind is what will make the difference
So go in your mind to a nice space where there is less violence and bad energy

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Anonymous said...

ok, no more watching CSI then! :)