Saturday, June 28, 2008

Different agendas

So often men and women manage to confuse each other

It does not matter the nationality

It does not matter the language although of course this can influence things

What matters is how differently we see the world

Funny really because we all live in the same world

Yet once we become adults and start going out with each other problems arise

If we walk down a street or go shopping with each other we see very quickly how we notice and pay attention to different things

Further on in a relationship we learn how we want to use our time differently

Men usually not being so interested in long term committal relationships until long after women

Women looking to create long term relationships in time to have children at a reasonable age

And then there is the small matter of feelings

How women pay great attention to their own feelings and those of others and wonder how the man does not seem to notice

The man meanwhile is busy in his preoccupation with his business life and hobbies

Creatures from different planets

Only if we leave it that way

Both men and women can learn a lot about each other if they make the effort

So why do men and women not make the effort to understand each other better?

Possibly the answer lies in our spending more time with our own sex until we meet a partner

We tend to be with our own sex and so reinforce ideas about the opposite sex, which may or may not be true or even helpful

Do you have friends of the opposite sex?

Just friends

And why does this seem so hard?

Culture often intervenes
Or is it simply because it is easier?
Or we just prefer friends of the same sex?
Maybe because sex is lurking behind any opposite sex relationship
Could be any or all of these, however the point is how do we learn about each other if we do not spend time with each other?
Office relationships are not the same as they are controlled environments with all those other tensions
Think about it where do you learn about the opposite sex?
Or is that the problem we don't except from film, tv, magazines and books
In other words other peoples ideas
We need our own experiences of the other sex
Not other people's
Over to you

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