Friday, June 27, 2008

Looking at Love

Is not easy to talk about because it is a word that has so many different meanings for so many different people

In old English love comes from the word lufu, which in turn comes from the Sanskrit word lubh to desire but then again it also comes from the Latin word lubare to please, which is very different from desire

Dictionaries and the Internet reveal a huge number of ideas about the word love and the subject of love

Many are confusing and some just plain wrong

So lets try a few questions

Can you tell the difference between love and infatuation?

Between love and attraction?

Between love and sexual desire?

Between love and friendship?

Between sex and intimacy?

Between a good relationship and one that is only giving pleasure?

As you can see love is a tricky subject even to talk about

All ideas about love are in the minds of the one thinking about it

Or is it beyond mind in their hearts?

Doesn't love transcend thinking?

A definition of love that appears quite frequently in dictionaries is

"A deep tender ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude towards a person (thing?) and a sense of underlying oneness"

Maybe it's this underlying oneness that separates love from affection, attraction and desire

Oneness is something that once felt leads us to understand it's awesome nature and gives us a glimpse of another possible way of experiencing life

Love is what we would all like to live in

And so it can be however only once we have learnt to love ourselves

How can we love another if we cannot love ourselves?

Not loving ourselves in a trite narcissistic sense rather in a profound appreciation for what we are

Make love your subject it is so vast

It can lead us away from the mundane and uncomfortable lives we lead

Love is open to all no one can lock it away from us

A fuller deeper experience of life

Love is something that can also be in our experience of nature that feeling of identity with it and again that oneness

Love is simply an amazing subject as it can also free us from the pains of life

Love lifts us to another space

Love can support us

Love can sustain us

Love is the source impulse that created our solar system

Love is a subject so important that we think about it more than any other


Love is the word and idea used in most advertising and marketting

Simply because it has more power as an idea than any other


Love is what we dream of

Love is what we want for our friends and family.

All relationships benefit from love

Look at love

Look at your relationship to it

Love is not as many imagine dependent upon others

Love transcends

Learn about love

Love is

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