Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Feeling tired

And worn out

Not once in a while but quite often actually
Usually we assume it is just us

If you could talk to others you would find that quite often many people are feeling the same at the same time

The way energy works is that if you are sensitive then you can feel an earthquake before it arrives

Ditto for many other things in nature

And this can make us feel tired and sleepy
At other times the oxygen levels are out of normal rather like in an aircraft cabin when airlines turn the oxygen level down to get the passengers to sleep

The world around us though is much more subtle than man currently can acknowledge

Unfortunately our scientists are not very good at saying we don't know when they don't really understand something

On a personal level it is also important to be able to say I don't know why when feeling tired for no easily understandable reason

What is also quite smart is to accept this and learn to take a short time out nap or rest

Five or ten minutes can be very helpful in restoring our energy levels particularly if we can really let go

Letting go means no thinking, no thoughts allowed

Just resting, snoozing

The energy levels affecting our planet have changed and the change means adjustment by all of us

Adjustment is often best achieved by resting

So nature makes us feel tired if you will.

Another reason to let go and snooze when feeling unfamiliar tiredness is that fighting it can lead to bad decisions or actions

You can of course always find rational reasons why you are feeling tired however this will not always be accurate or the truth

Trust your intuition

Just accept that quite a few of the changes affecting mankind at the moment are from nature

That is reality and one we might as well learn to adapt to because if we don't then nature will oblige us in more unpleasant ways
Feeling tired is OK
Being stubborn is not

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