Monday, June 16, 2008

New week

And off we go again

Any hopes?

Expectations possibly?

Anticipation as well maybe?

How we experience things is a function of how we perceive

And how do we perceive?

As a function of all our experiences and training

From family, friends and all those teachers

Often we don't think about how many people have taught us

Fed those perceptions

Influenced how we see the world

How we respond to life situations

Many many people teach us over the course of our lives

And yet the influence of those early teachers is so powerful

Possibly the most important in our lives

For good and bad

Male and female teachers our role models

The first men and women in our lives apart from our parents

In class room environments where we listened and heard what they told us

Absorbing the knowledge they imparted

Laying the foundations for how we understand everything in later life

Being taught how to listen

How to learn and study

And then without looking back hurrying off into life

Teachers forgotten in the excitement of adult life

Good idea to look back sometimes and see if those teachers did us favours or damage

Quite often we do not realise how our thoughts and ideas are stuck in the perceptions and prejudices of those teachers

Check it out

Those early teachers had impact upon your view of the world

Make sure that their values are now yours only if you agree with what they taught you

Otherwise move on to your own views and values

New week indeed

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