Sunday, June 15, 2008


Is a mega business worth around US $9.0 billion dollars today and set to grow to $23.0 billion within the next five years or so

Fans of vaccination more often than not are governments for whom vaccination provides a mantle of the caring government
Fans of vaccination claim that they prevent disease, stop suffering, and save lives
They also claim that they are safe and have been an overwhelming success
Opponents who include many doctors agree that vaccinations can reduce the chances of catching certain diseases but they point out that they also cause disability and death.
In addition the successes have been exaggerated and long term effects poorly researched
In certain applications vaccinations have their place
In many more applications they do great damage to young immune systems

Later in life they arguably lead to many so called modern diseases such as diabetes and MS, which in turn can lead to disability and death

The truth is difficult to arrive at because anyone who challenges the effectiveness of vaccinations is labelled uncaring, irresponsible or accused of putting children's lives at risk

Often the whole weight of the local or national medical establishment is brought to bare on the scientist or writer who dares write anything challenging the current belief about vaccinations

We could go through each and every program from mumps to chicken pox and point out their failures however that is not the purpose of this blog

Rather we want to suggest that this subject is one that every parent should inform themselves about

There are today many good articles and websites addressing this subject on the Internet

The most contentious issue is the one concerning multiple vaccinations, which have negative and long term effects that are not fully understood or researched

It is a subject that should give pause

Nature never gives multiple diseases at the same time

Man does through many current vaccination programs

Dangerously vaccinations do not set up life long immunity meaning that vaccinated children can again be at risk from the same disease later in life

This is the reverse of what used to happen when children contracted what were known as childhood diseases such as mumps and chicken pox and then would have life long immunity

Our point?

Many of today's problems from diabetes to MS are, it is suspected, stemming directly from vaccinations given while young

Young immune systems are not designed to experience the traumas delivered by multiple vaccinations
Little comment is made of the long term effects of various vaccination programs because little research has been done in this area
There is bitter disagreement about the relationship between diabetes, MS and ME with childhood vaccination programs

Consider carefully before vaccinating your children

If you are legally obliged or feel it is correct to vaccinate them then do so but only one vaccination at a time and not too close together is considered sensible

Therefore it is wise to proceed with caution

Your decisions can effect the lifetime health of your children

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