Saturday, June 07, 2008

Following the herd

And what if the herd are not so smart?

In fact human herds are seldom very smart

Like following each other in buying highly advertised brands

Once everyone is wearing the highly promoted brand the point of wearing it has gone

It's status value diminished

And what about washing powders are they really so different?

Or oil companies like Shell, BP or Exxon who can tell any difference in their products?

And are cars today really so different?

What do your purchases say about you?

That you identify with the advertised image and believe that buying the brand will make you in some magical way like the advertised image?


Why not save your money, and decide to buy and use only those things that offer objective performance?

And if you cannot do that then at least make sure your purchase is something useful

Times are approaching, some would say are already here when our life choices need to shift to values of more objective utility

Get in front of the herd

Buy only what you need for a more caring thoughtful life

It is time to change our habits
Leave the herd where it be

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