Friday, June 06, 2008

Staying young

Is the dream of so many

And a reality for so few

Because many people grow old before their time
They pay scant attention to what allows some people to remain young while others age quickly
Allowing magazines and other media to deafen them with conflicting advice on what to do
Advice that usually supports some company's product or services, a dubious approach given that it is always about spending money
There is another way though

Consider the following they are not rocket science, however they do throw light on a different way of looking at this subject

All lives bring pain and sorrow

They bring happiness too

And in amongst the pain and smiles there are things we can do to stay young

Simple yet difficult things

Remaining curious is one

Finding the beauty in things, taking the time to notice and experience it
Appreciating what we have and not what we do not have

Finding the good in people, being interested in others
Accepting that we all have bad and weak points, am I really so perfect?

Genuine smiling helps, not the automatic facial twitch of the media celebrity world

Smiling from the heart that is

Embracing each and every day with enthusiasm and excitement

Learning that nothing matters life just keeps on going whatever the trials and tribulations

Learning to let go as we cannot control things anyway, it's an illusion

Not taking ourselves so seriously, does it really matter so much what others think?

Thinking of others before ourselves takes our focus outwards away from ourselves

Doing things for others brings pleasure to us and happiness to others. A win win for everyone

Finding the good in things brings pleasure not disappointment

Letting go of expectations means not being sad so often

And in amongst all these very simple and practical things is your belief

If your belief is that life is hard and without reason then that is how it will be for you

If on the other hand you understand that this is just one life in many and that it is great to be here then life is different for you

The recognition that you are not your body, your soul has a body and so learn not to obsess about the body you occupy

You are not your body

And yes you can stay young

The hidden secrets of staying young are really in the open it's just that we don't see them

Open your eyes and look around

Who has got it, who understands how to stay young?

Who has not and is aging before your eyes?

What are the differences?

Learn to stay young it makes life so much nicer

Some people are old at thirty others still young at ninety..

Where are you?

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