Thursday, June 05, 2008

Pay and pay

Tax after tax and still Governments do not have enough money

Like children asking for more except that governments give their citizens no choice

Come to think of it they do not normally ask permission either

Always taking the easy way out

Spending more

Reforming themselves and spending less is seldom considered

Reform of tax structures seldom addressed

Invariably short term fixes are chosen

Long term issues put off yet again

At some point maybe not too far away crisis looms

A crisis of sufficiently large proportions that governments will be forced to look beyond the short term

Little appears in the media about how society must consider new values

Much is made of global warming and the cost of energy as if these are the only major issues facing us

How about endless consumption as the only vision on offer?

Endless consumption in and of itself is not a valid objective for a worthwhile human life

Buying and consuming are the forced necessities for modern man

They do not answer his needs for meaning

They offer nothing for his soul

And yes we all have a soul even if it is not fashionable to talk about this

Without beginning a dialogue on these and other very real human issues more and more problems must appear

Will mankind have the wit to understand this?

Time will show

Meanwhile in your own life what are your values?

Does endless buying do it for you?

Does the new toy bring more than temporary relief?

What gives you peace of mind?

Do you have peace of mind?

Do you know how to find it?

We can all go along with the herd or we can choose to think for ourselves

It is your life, yours alone to decide what you believe in and choose as your values

Paying and paying does not do it

Love and light are the directions that lead to peace of mind

Both are attainable

They are of course one and the same and are not sold in bottles or by the kilo

Let paying be the minimum necessary to sustain a reasonable existence
Leave brands and status to others
Live more modestly

Move beyond materialism and choose values that sustain and enhance you

Find love in life

Lift yourself to a new understanding of what is possible

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