Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The bigger picture

We have said honesty is not a luxury

That dishonesty is not a good life strategy

Here is another reason why dishonesty is not a good life strategy

This comment might appear more pertinent to thinking women however it applies to both men and

When an incarnating soul is drawn towards it's parents it chooses those who can give it the best start in life

The start it needs in order to learn the lessons it has come into this life to learn

If you are a lying dishonest person then what kind of soul are you going to attract?

Yes when we come into each new life we choose the parents who will give us the best start we need

Not necessarily the most loving, but the most appropriate

We do not choose in the sense that we say "I want them" but in the sense of our profile being drawn to particular parents

Did you never wonder why children seem to be born with certain traits?

Why certain babies seem to know what they are doing and others are totally clueless?
How or why siblings are so totally different with the same parents?

It is because these skills or attributes are already a tendency in that incarnating soul
We carry our tendencies from life to life our positive ones to grow and nurture
And our negative ones to overcome, which is why our profile is drawn to certain parents

So it is up to you if you are a miserably dishonest person then guess what kind of soul you will attract?

Parents attract the incoming souls they deserve and merit

In other words they get the children their profile draws to them

This is another reason why being dishonest is not a good strategy

Think twice before you throw away the chance to attract a clean soul.
Life is endlessly interesting start learning more about how things really work

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