Thursday, July 03, 2008


Is something we all need to have to survive in our modern world

We are told to live in the moment

To be in this moment now

And yes this is good advice

Difficult to do though

But worth while as a concept

And then along comes life and knocks us down

Kicking us this way and that

Sometimes it is not even heavy blows

Just the sheer repetition of endless days doing things we don't very much like

Grinding us down

So here's where the hope comes in

If we do not have hope then things get really difficult and many slip into depression
Many people see their reality as being too much
Too much to bear
Too much to handle
So much pain
So they take drugs or other diversions

This is no way out nor does it ease things except for a short time
To live a life in fullness we must have hope

The feeling that we will win that lottery

Although we know the odds are like being hit by lightening while sitting in a cellar

Still many buy the tickets all over the world in innumerable lotteries

Hope is a really basic human thing

A deep thing that keeps us going

So keep your hope never let go the idea that somehow things will get better

Live for now yes and at the same time hold on to that hope that something, somehow, somewhere
will lift you up

And while you hold on to that hope that somehow somewhere life will give you a lift ponder this

Life is so short

Life is so fast

That to waste time on misery and self pity, is really abuse, abuse of something special, our life

Hold on to hope whatever your situation

Hope sees us through

Misery knocks us down

What you think and feel is a choice you make
Yes we choose what we think and feel
It's how we see life that determines these things
Whatever the situation there are always reasons for hope.
Live in hope

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