Friday, July 04, 2008

Our senses

Humans today have five senses

These five senses evolved over a very long period of time indeed

They did so in this order

First came hearing

Next touch

Then sight

After came taste

And finally smell

Of these taste is the most material, but smell and it's reactions on our stream of consciousness are worse than those of taste

Two more senses will develop in man with appropriate physical organs before this present active period has run its course

All these senses are a function of the indwelling consciousness

The two future senses are not easy describe

An intimation of the sixth sense is what we call hunches that such a thing is right or wrong

Or the thing to do or not to do

This is not intuition however for it is lower than intuition

It is a hunch or feeling of things that are coming

It might in one sense be called a form of clairvoyance
This sixth sense will be an interior sense manifesting through an interior physical organ

And the seventh sense, corresponding to hearing on the physical plane

The nearest way that this can be described leaving aside the nature and locality of the organ through which it will work is intuition

Fully developed instant always ready, functioning regularly, to be stopped or used at will

Every faculty of sense and therefore every sense organ as its expression in the body, is a faculty of our stream of consciousness

And no sense faculty can appear in evolution, and consequently no sense organ can show itself in the body until that portion of the stream of consciousness has equivalently expressed itself
ES No 1

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