Saturday, July 05, 2008

Down the road

Man would be very different in shape from what he is now.

"Would you like to have two backbones, no hair, no teeth, to shed the nails of toes and fingers yearly as a snake does in its own particular time?"

if future man has two backbones it will most certainly not be because the physical body is the joint dwelling place or joint vehicle of a man and of a woman, because in those times there will be no men and no women.

Men and women are an evolutionary event --

a present passing transitory phase of evolution.

We are in that phase now.

We were not in it in the early third root-race, nor in preceding root-races; and when we shall have passed through this phase sex will die out,

and any child then born having one or the other sex will be a teratological phenomenon, and will be considered a monster.

G de P

We never think about things like this being so preoccupied with our present lives

What do you imagine lies down the road for the human race?

Or do you believe that we are doomed by our behaviour?

Do you see a future for us?

And if you do is it like some Hollywood film, all violence and grim scenarios?

The future is ours to create in a very real sense

Yes we are going through difficult times

And yes our behaviour and reaction to these times will help shape what comes next

Want to change our world for the better?

Then change yourself first

Find the courage and energy to learn the truth about us and our world

Not what you read

Not what you have been taught

The truth

And yes it is out there

Change yourself and your fears by healing yourself

Then you can help change the world.

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