Sunday, July 06, 2008


Does religion put a stop to the battle?

Do the churches drive away the vultures, or comfort the wounded and the dying?

Religion does not weigh a feather in the world at large today, when worldly advantage and selfish pleasures are put in the other scale

and churches are powerless to revivify the religious sentiment in men, because their ideas, their knowledge, their methods, and their arguments are those of the dark ages.

This was written in 1887 and is an excerpt from a longer article exposing the dead nature of church thinking and challenging the church to respond

Nothing much has changed since then except more fissures have appeared between the various sects be they Christian, Hindu, Muslim or any other religion

It is said that peace cannot come on this planet until people let go of religion and do what they need to do in the privacy of their own hearts

Letting go of the name brands if you will

Thinking for yourself

Making your own peace with whatever you believe

Opening your heart to love and light

Religion cannot do this for us no one can only ourselves

Religions are stuck in their own history

They have too much invested in their own particular dogmas and rituals.

Little of which has anything to do with truth for if it did then this planet would have changed for the better long ago

So consider what does religion bring you that cannot be found in the privacy of your own heart?

Religions talk of love and fellowship and yet are unable to heal even their own divisions

Time to consider your own thoughts about religion

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