Monday, July 07, 2008

Why do you keep on

Saying that I have to heal myself?
Because this is the only way to remove your negative side
To get rid of the fears that are in most people
Before you can truly help others
And because it is the law

The law of what?

The law of our universe

You can only help another to the degree that you are healed yourself

As an aside this is one reason why so many so called healers and gurus are charlatans because they have not healed themselves

And what do you mean by heal?

We mean removing your fears

Removing and ridding yourself of everything that causes you to be blocked

Everything that stops you from being honest and objective with yourself and others

That stops you being in reality and living a fuller more loving life

Learning that you have been playing games not only with the world but with yourself

Stopping your pretending

Learning to listen to your heart

Learning to control your mind

Coming over your dark side

These and many more elements stop any human from healing themselves and finding peace of mind

The peace of mind that allows them to heal themselves and others

Finding love

Finding themselves

Everyone of us can do this

No one is barred from growing towards the light

Light is love, love is light in a very profound sense

So that is why we keep on about healing

There is nothing more important that you can do with your life

And it is not either this or that

Either so called normal life or healing yourself

They go hand in hand

Day by day in your normal life

Growing towards your potential.

Why else do you think you came here?

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