Tuesday, July 08, 2008

One thousand

Today is the one thousandth blog that I have written

It all started after someone said why don't you write a blog?

So here we are one thousand blogs later


From my standpoint it is a good discipline

I don't know where it is going

I don't mind

My challenge is to try and offer something useful and or interesting

To try and introduce readers to the truth of things

Not easy because you are all different

All at different points in your consciousness evolution

All with different problems

Or so it seems

In point of fact all modern humans share things in common

We all have more points of similarity than we do dissimilarity
Even though money, class, sex, colour, age, and education might obscure this

After we remove the huffing and puffing of modern hype and spin what do we find?
Humans of all types trying to get by

All with concerns for our planet even if these are only at a subconscious level

All with issues about our own lives

All with stress issues of one kind or another

All feeling powerless to a greater or lesser degree
And many many more issues that all humans must face
Doesn't matter if we are rich or poor, selfish or altruistic

The way forward is the same for all of us and it is this that interests me in writing this blog

How to assist our understanding about how things are and why they are as they are

How to help an understanding that the only way out is through hard work

How to find the courage to face change

How to overcome our fears
How to understand that there is a truth about things

A tall order and a challenging one given so many cultural prejudices and misinformation's
Yes most societies have their little games and deceits
Slowly but surely though more and more people would like to know the truth of things
Where did we come from?
What's it all about?
Why are we here?
What am I meant to do with my life?

So until then this is why I keep writing to explore ideas to help in this journey

Let's see where this goes

Enjoy your day

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Anonymous said...

Very very cool! Congratulations!!!!