Thursday, June 19, 2008

Plane journeys

Can be fun or miserable
Getting up early

Takes so long to get to the airport

Roads always crowded

Parking takes so long

Crowded airport

Endless check in procedures

Security procedures

Plane delayed

Sitting around and then more sitting around

Poor service and food

And you say this can be fun?

Yes if you decide that whatever happens on the journey is not important

If you decide to enjoy the day as one of difference

One where you see and do different things from usual

Even if you travel a lot flying can still be pleasant

But this depends where we put our heads

As is so often the case it is us who determine whether or not the journey and flight are fun
Letting the day take you where it will
Not worrying about delays or noise or crying children
Just being happy to experience a different day with the prospect of sleeping and eating in another country later
Pleasure at not having to work or do the normal things you have to do.
Pleasure that others have to organise your travel
Other people have to look after your safety
That they have to get you from a to b
That you can eat
Watch movies
Chat with new acquaintances
Your choice whather it is fun or misery

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