Friday, June 20, 2008

What are they thinking

All those people around you.
All carrying thoughts

All thinking something

What do people think?

Hurrying around silently passing each other

Locked in private thoughts

Thoughts of the day

Where they are going

What they have to do

Who they are meeting

Who they have met

Things they want to buy

Things they want to eat

Things they want to say

And so the day rolls on

Hearing or seeing the news, the latest disasters and problems, the latest lies and deceits

No time for something new just happy to get through the day

Wait a minute is this thinking or is it responding in a programmed way to life and the familiar actions we take?

For most just the actions of the day

And even when thinking is involved often the outcomes are already programmed

Acceptable patterns of response, culturally safe positions for everything

As for thinking how do I do that when life keeps me running around doing mundane routines?

All true

And all irrelevant because it is our own personal intentions that make the difference

Our own disciplines

Will and character

We can move beyond the routine thoughts

Move to a state where we choose not to think although that takes some practice and work

Or we can choose to control our thinking and again this takes some work to discipline our minds.

Important choice really whether or not we wish to slip through life following the herd

Or alternatively we can decide to become masters of ourselves

And those two options to stop thinking or to control our minds are one and the same

Our minds dominate our lives
That is true however we can either let our minds control us or we can learn to control them
If you wish to move ahead in your consciousness evolution then you have to learn to control your mind

Controlling the mind can start any time but we warned it is not easy

It is very difficult
So start by becoming more conscious of where your mind takes you
For most their minds take them all over the place
Anywhere and everywhere

See if you can hold your thoughts where you want them without letting them wander off elsewhere
Do this every day several times a day, in the car, bus wherever
Holding your mind on one point not letting it zoom off
The idea is to see how little control we have over our minds
How our minds control us
How nice it would be if we controlled them
Make a start learn about your own mind

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