Saturday, June 21, 2008

Love and desire

There seems to be some confusion about love and desire

Desire is about me and is often expressed by the thought or statement "I want"
Someone or something "I want"
Desire is in the mind, comes from the mind
Love though is something that comes from the heart, through the heart

Something that transcends self

Desire is selfish

Desire is often about greed

Desire is all about something for me

Love transcends me it can lead to sacrifice
Mothers and parents sacrifice for their children
Love is unconditional
Love and desire are two sides of a coin
The one about possessing the other about sharing, giving

Where are you?

Do you desire?
Do you love?

Can you let go of your desires?

Can you let go the one you love?

As with so much in life we have not really ever thought about this

Try it now
Do you love do you desire?

And if it is desire will you compromise?

Will you let go if you do not get your way

Have you ever thought how desire can poison and destroy

How love can grow and grow

True love that is
Choose to love not desire.

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