Sunday, June 22, 2008

Something simple

Does not appear in modern thinking about relationships

When partners first meet physical attraction is high on the list of important points

Age, income, career potential, family and sometimes religion are also factors

Sadly these do not result in ongoing bliss and happiness as around fifty percent of all relationships will be broken and finished within five years

Figures vary from country to country however the trend is clear

We are not very good at finding compatible partners

What to do?

For young people today it would make sense to see if there is a better way of getting the odds in your favour
Arranged marriages are an option however when you talk to those who have this experience you find that this is not much more successful either

Many of the parties involved say that they do not enjoy being together but cultural and religious conventions demand that they stay together
Our fore bearers were not all stupid in fact there is compelling evidence that some of them were very smart indeed

Not only smart but clever and well informed

From acupuncture to architecture to clairvoyance and consciousness evolution they knew more than we know now
In the field of astrology they for sure knew more and it is this that can help us in relationships

If you enter a relationship with someone of the same sign then you are increasing the odds that your relationship will work

It also increases the probability that any children you have will grow up in greater harmony

Signs that do not work together are likely to result in more problems and breakdowns

So if you are entering into a new relationships then check out your compatibility with each other

Star signs are not just for cranks they have a basis in sound knowledge

Knowledge that says simply that those born under the same or compatible conditions are more likely to find harmony with each other

Every little helps

And when looking for a long term partner it makes sense to use every element you can to improve your chances of success

Be wise do not dismiss things just because they are out of fashion or not properly understood

As with anything in the so called alternative area though make sure that anyone you ask for help knows what they are talking about

As of course you would for anything else in your life from dentists to buying cars

Move the odds in your favour

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