Friday, July 18, 2008

Do you know love?

Do you?

It is something that comes from inside us

Not from outside in but from inside out

Not something from someone else although someone might trigger the feeling of love

Offering a focus if you will

True love is unconditional

It cannot be love if there are conditions

Love is without conditions

Loving someone means letting them go if they want to go

Love is not blind as some might say

We are blind and that is not love

It is our lack of perspective or awareness

Lust even

However love is everywhere

In everything

Love is unique there is nothing else like love in this Universe

Love is more powerful than anything else is this Universe


Love gives more and greater meaning to everything

Love offers sustenance

Love helps us find strength

Deep down we all want love

Many do not have the courage to let go and love

Do you?

Because only by letting go of our fears can we find love

First for ourselves and then for another

Do you know love?

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