Saturday, July 19, 2008


Why do I keep making the same mistake?

Why do I keep finding myself going out with partners who I don't really like or have much in common with?
Why doesn't it work on so many levels?


Because you are not clear with yourself

Because you mirror image

You might not want to believe this
However we attract what we are
And this will keep on over and over until we learn our lessons
Nature has all the time in the world and will not be fooled by you
So if you refuse to learn then fine come back next life and the one after and do it all over again
And yes that's how it works

Nature is quite fair you will meet who you deserve

To change meeting the same wallies over and over sort yourself

Until you can love yourself it will be tough to love another

To love ourselves means accepting ourselves as we are not as we project

Time to drop those false perceptions of yourself
Stop the theatre
And if you do not like yourself then who pray is going to change this if it is not yourself?

You are the only person who can change you

So list those areas where you do not like yourself and start working on them

Life is process so do not beat yourself up because you are not perfect for if you were perfect you would not be here

You would be sitting on some cloud munching grapes strumming on your harp

So get real, accept that life is process and that it does not matter that this that or the other is not perfect

If you are working on it and are trying your best then that's fine

Nature asks no more of us than this

Once you start addressing your fears, your weaknesses and yes most of them are at root fears

Then lo and behold less wallies will come along and you will attract a different kind of partner
Because you are no longer the same person

You have no time to waste so start today
Remove the wallies from your life

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