Friday, July 25, 2008

First boy or girl friend

How much did they shape your feelings about later partners?

That first love lingers

Sometimes it scars

Sometimes it inspires

Maybe a bit of both

And then our subsequent lives are set in patterns all stemming from this first experience


Our lives all set because of our first experience

Often this is the case

Have we even consciously noticed?

If it was healthy and beautiful fine

But if it was brutal or hurtful then time to unwind this memory

It is past, gone, nothing to do about it

Let it go


Before letting it go amend it

Thank that person mentally for the experience because however painful it was you now wish to unilaterally let it go

Unresolved hurtful and painful memories can affect us for the rest of our lives

So bring them into your consciousness and look at them

Acknowledge the pain and understand how they touched you
Maybe still do

A pain brought into the open and looked at loses its power

So look at it and let it go after accepting it's impact on you
Understand how holding onto the pain or fear is doing nothing for you now
Choose to find love and light in your life

Our first love can be more powerful than we realise

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JonathanAquino said...

First love never dies.