Thursday, July 24, 2008


Sometimes it seems that there is no justice

When blatant murderers continue to kill men, women, and children in many countries around the World

So called ethnic cleansing and genocide continue today as they have for as long as anyone can remember

What kind of humans are we?

Notice though how slowly but surely despots and murderers are being brought to stand trial

The latest Radovan Karadzic is reminding the World of what he did to ten of thousands of humans

The President of Sudan likewise has been indicted although not brought to trial yet

Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe might have stolen his election but he and his cronies also showed the World their brutal abuse and ongoing murder of fellow humans

The junta in Burma liikewise reminded us of their abuse of their fellow citizens during the recent natural disaster to hit their country

Imperfect the World's response might be

Slow it certainly is

The move from shrugging shoulders

Looking the other way

From ignoring murder

To the creation of an active International Criminal Court has been painfully slow

Still is as the Untied States needs to reconsider it's reasons for not joining as do other countries

Too many other murderers are still at large however slowly the world is moving to recognise that this is the only way

Remove their freedom to retire

Remove their freedom to travel outside their countries

Slow and imperfect though this is justice is beginning to become a possibility where a decade ago this was not so

Justice is important

As is the exposure of their behaviour

Morality demands we stand up to murderers

It's a start

For the many millions of men women and children butchered over the last few decades there is no redress

It is up to us to speak out

To make our own contribution to exposing injustice

Yes we all have a role to play how we do so is up to us

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