Thursday, August 28, 2008

I disagree

And how do you react?

When someone disagrees with you?

Are you defensive?

Do you argue?

Can you say "you are right"

Just that " you are right"
No preamble

No but, no justifications

Just "you are right"

Even if you think they are wrong

Even when you know they are wrong

Try it

As a test of emotional maturity it's not a bad one

It is very hard to say "you are right" when you know they are wrong

The act of doing so will show you things about yourself

One of them is, that after you have said it and some time has passed, notice how it doesn't matter

It really doesn't matter

Being right is not necessary to our self esteem

If we are sure of our position or facts then it really doesn't matter if someone wants to be right and insist on their point of view

Let them win

Let them be right

Allow yourself to smile

Let yourself be uninvolved

Free of the need to be right

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