Saturday, August 02, 2008


Who is having the most influence on your life?

Really think about it, name one person

Just one

Who is having the most influence on your life

Is this as you want it to be?

If yes then be grateful you have someone who sets out admirable qualities who you can aspire to emulate

A role model maybe

And if you do not then what guides you?

Books might inspire

Movies and tv might be interesting

However there is no substitute for another human of powerful qualities


Because we all in our hearts want to know that there are humans of courage, ethics and will power out there

We want to believe that there are honest people

People leading lives of courage

And you?

Are you leading your own life based on such ideals or convictions?

Are you contributing towards what you believe to be important?
And if not then ponder what are you contributing towards?
Make your own behaviour a positive influence for all those who meet you
That way the world gets changed
Oh so slowly if we leave it to others
And who knows how fast if we all get involved?

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