Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The malicious bore

Is alive and well and to be found around and with us

Bores are a part of life

Endless prattle about this 'n that

They love to gossip

Often about nothing in particular

Sometimes though being very particular
Malicious bores love to pour scorn and slander on those who are not present

Those unable to defend themselves

And in this way many are hurt.

Do you accept them?

Do you pretend to listen?

Does there come a point though

A point where you no longer want to listen

Where you dread meeting them
Because finally enough is enough

Where you make excuses not to meet

Is it not time to be clear with yourself

Why do you spend time with someone you do not want to be with?

Maybe you do not want to hurt their feelings

But they are parasites who use you and everyone else

They feed on your energy

They can give you headaches and much more

Be clear with yourself you do not need to give time and energy to a bore

Be polite and clear, make excuses not to meet

Move on giving your time and energy to those you prefer to give it to

Do not be a prisoner to your own laziness or lack of clarity

Remove the bores from your life

Only you can do this.

So much damage is caused by us because we do not treat bores correctly
Be clear bores damage and destroy
Do not feed them with your time or attention

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